NFT, Digital Art and Prints

Some pictures belong on the walls of your office or home. Here are a few select images that have graced the walls of several clients.

Currently I’m exploring ways to sell my photography and digital art work using Non-Fungible Tokens on Rarible and OpenSea. Web3 is exciting because as a creator I am able to take control of my own art sales without the need for a middle man.

I’m currently using Rarible as my main platform for selling my digital work. I’ll start using Codex once I start selling photography prints. The beauty about using Web3 is that I can instantly be recognized and verified with my wallet across multiple sites. As shown below, my Rarible pieces are shown automatically on OpenSea. I can also easily embed it into my own web3 web site.

Digital Art

The Winter Queen

Expecting Butterflies



Its a thing

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